Google Takes Knife To Throat Of Sex Positivity

Google may be one of the most admired companies, but it once again places a knife at the throat of sex positivity with it’s latest censorship announcement. Tuesday Google announced to users that it will be eliminating all adult Blogger/Blogspot blogs from public availability ~ and taking them out of all forms of search ~ on March 23, 2015. Look here for history and details.

It should be noted that this is far more severe than the Tumblr Panic (and ensuing reaction). And the new policy is in a vastly different spirit than the change in Reddit policy, which was a credible response to privacy (and legal) issues.

Overall, this is perplexing as sex & porn continues to be a hot topic for online searches like how to achieve celebrity look with plastic surgeon Matthew Galumbeck‘s recommendations. Isn’t it Google’s job, as a search engine, to give the people what they want?

Why Google wants to do this remains a mystery, really. But the bottom line for savvy bloggers and marketers ~mainstream and adult ~ is this: Pay for hosting of your site at a place where it is welcome. Wise advice repeated here & here.

For possible solutions, see here and keep an eye out at conversations here, here, here, here.